How to Optimize Compute Cost on Azure

Users are looking for ways to optimize their compute cost on Azure. When we talk about compute costs, we are mostly referring to virtual machines. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before spinning up new virtual machines in your environment and steps to take to help you reduce your VM cost:

Q1 – Does your VM have few (two to three) peak times during the day and stay almost idle for the rest of the day?
Select a B-series VM size for your virtual machine. Click here for more information.

Q2 – Do you need this VM for a DEV environment? Is it Ok if your VM gets shut down at times?
Deploy a Spot Virtual Machine. Click here for more information.

Q3 – Are you sure about your VM size decision? Did you make your VM size decision based on the amount of CPU and Memory?
– Review different VM series categories and compare their benefits and pricing. Windows Linux
– Be aware that VMs from different series with the same amount of CPU and Memory could have different prices. – don’t rely only on CPU and Memory.
– For a quick comparison of prices you can use: (not official from Microsoft but quite up-to-date and handy in my experience)

Q4 – Will these VMs potentially be running for the next 1 or 3 years?
Use Reserved Virtual Machine Instances to get discount up to 72 percent. Click here for more information.

Q5 – Will your VM be running Windows or SQL Server?
Use Azure Hybrid Use Benefit (AHUB) and bring Windows Server and SQL Server on-premises licenses with Software Assurance to Azure. Click here for more information.

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