Azure Site-to-Site VPN Connection and vNet Sharing – Allowing multiple vNets and Subscriptions to connect to VPN

If you don’t have ExpressRoute, you most probably rely on Azure Site-to-Site VPN to connect your on-premise network to Azure. If you have multiple Azure subscriptions, maintaining multiple Site-to-Site VPN connections from Azure to your on-premise VPN gateway is not fun at all. Take the case below in the diagram:

What is the problem?

  • Configuration takes time.
  • Maintaining all these VPN connections is not easy.
  • Monitoring each connection is hell.

How can we solve this problem? 

To solve the problem you can:

  • Create only a single Site-to-Site VPN connection to a shared Azure subscription.
  • Connect all the other subscriptions to the shared subscription through vNet Sharing

The diagram below shows a transformed hybrid connectivity architecture which is also supet easy to automate:



The only thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure both vNets are in the same Azure Region. I have however heard of a preview vNet feature which allows sharing of vNets in different regions, but at the time I am writing this article, this feature is not yet in GA (General Availability).

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